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- In Their Own Voice -

Kay's Story of Recovery

Kay T“Because Unison didn’t give up on me, I have been clean and sober for over five years, my marriage is stronger and better than it has ever been, both of my children are at home with me and I am a mom, I am a dedicated employee, friend, and daughter. Thank you Unison Behavioral Health !!!”

Kay T.

- Featured Program -

Ware Developmental Disability Service Center

Amity and Brenda
Amity and staff member Brenda, enjoying morning excercise at the Ware Service Center

"The individuals we serve have the same goals in life that all of us want for ourselves” says Unison Director of Developmental Disability Service Kevin Rodgers. “When we help someone with disabilities get a job, or increase their independence within the community, it not only enriches their lives but it also makes a better community for all us”