Unison Behavioral Health Announces The Appointment of Kristi Mercer for Pierce County. 

Unison Behavioral Health Announces The Appointment of Kristi Mercer for Pierce County. Kristi was on the Pierce County Family Connections Board acting as the Pierce school representative and working as the Parent Mentor for the Pierce School district. Parent mentors are parents of children with disabilities hired by the district to support family engagement, as well as special education directors […]

Free Apps to Help Your Mental Health


Sometimes, even our phones can be a source of our stress and anxiety. They often get a lot of our time and attention. However, there are a lot of great apps that can help you to take control of your mental health. We came up with a list of our favorites to share with you. […]

Family Therapy: What are the Benefits and Goals

If you’ve recently made the decision to seek professional help for your family, then you’ve already taken a big step toward solving your issues. Maybe you are struggling with addictions, depression, or eating disorders. Maybe you and your family are dealing with a serious, chronic health issue together. Or, you may need to address issues […]

Depression in Teenagers: Signs and Symptoms

Teen depression is on the rise. As of 2015, nearly 3 million young people, aged 12 to 17, were treated for some type of severe depressive episode. Recent reports have also shown that females are almost four times as likely to suffer from clinical depression as males.   

9 Signs That Someone You Love Has a Pain Pill Addiction

One of the most difficult challenges in life is trying to help someone who has an addiction. Even more challenging, however, is identifying an addiction when it happens. Let’s face it, some people are experts at hiding their painkiller dependency. If you suspect that it may be happening to a close friend or loved one, […]

Substance Abuse Treatment: How to Support Your Loved Ones

When one person falls into substance abuse it affects the entire family. During this trying time, it’s important for all involved to be there for one another. Here are seven ways families can show support to a loved one in substance abuse treatment:

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Service Locations

Service Locations

Service Locations Service Locations Unison has service locations throughout our 8-county region. If we may be of assistance to you or a loved one, or perhaps you’re just needing information, please call us at 1-800-342-8168. We look forward to hearing from you! If you are unable to make it during normal clinic hours, we are […]

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities We invite you to become part of our mission, working together to improve the health and well-being of the persons and families we serve. You can help us make a difference! We also provide a comprehensive benefits program in order to attract and retain the very best employees. Available Positions: FULL Time Psychiatrist […]