“As part of the Whole Health Action Wellness Management Campaign, Ware Day Services Peer Support Program and staff participated in a six week, Cooking Matters course March through April. This project originated through the Open Hands Atlanta Program to increase healthy eating practices via education and hands on experiences. Their objective is to increase access to fresh, healthy foods for all Georgians, while supporting our local farmers and driving dollars back into the local food economy. Jodi Daley, Cooking Matters Satellite Coordinator, came each week and encouraged peers through choosing healthy food options, educating, and demonstrating/preparing healthy matters recipes. Jodi engaged with Peers and staff with choosing and preparing meals to allow for hands on experiences in healthy options on a budget. At the end of the six weeks peers and staff were given a certificate of completion and a Cooking Matters cookbook full of healthy recipes, kitchen safety basics, practical nutrition, and shopping with strategies for low budgets. The peers and staff enjoyed this time and the chance to increase knowledge in skills to live a healthy and happy life.”

-Sonda Sperzel, Ware Day Services Peer Support

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