If you’ve recently made the decision to seek professional help for your family, then you’ve already taken a big step toward solving your issues. Maybe you are struggling with addictions, depression, or eating disorders. Maybe you and your family are dealing with a serious, chronic health issue together. Or, you may need to address issues together, but are having difficulty. Maybe you are having problems raising children or dealing with a divorce. Whatever situation you may find yourself in, Unison Behavioral Health can help with the healing process and restore your closest family relationships. 


Regardless of Where Your Relationship Is, We Can Help Strengthen It
If you are fortunate to have positive, healthy family relationships, then family therapy will enhance and strengthen those relationships even more as you work out your problems together. If your family relationships are not what you want them to be, or even toxic, then treatment can help identify and address issues while offering an opportunity for improvement. 
Goals & benefits of family therapy are:
Understanding- As you learn more about your family, you learn more about yourself. You and your tribe are the product of your life experiences – good & bad. By sharing with your relatives in a controlled environment, you can experience revelations about yourself, your household, and your shared journey. How you function as an individual is different from how you function within your family. You need to learn to relate to others in dealing with your problems. Learning to relate starts in your family. You will learn why everyone acts the way they do and why they react to you the way they do.
Communication- You have your own way of communicating with speech and actions. Each member of your family has their own style as well. Sometimes you and your family’s different styles clash. Communication is compromised or can break down. Family therapy can teach you to learn and manage these styles more effectively. In situations where communication has broken down, treatment can bring healing. It is a basic truth that goes without saying: Very few problems can be solved without communication.
Evaluation- Every group has strengths and weaknesses. You may feel that you and your family only have weaknesses. This is not true. Family counseling can help you identify the strengths that everyone should make to get stronger. It can also help you identify and manage areas of improvement, which can be considered weaknesses. Weaknesses must be identified and dealt with or you will find destructive behavior passed down to future generations. Sometimes your therapy involves you separating temporarily from a group or individuals so you can become vigorous, once again. Receiving help will guide you with this decision.
Creation- Counseling can help you create solutions to your problems. Once you have understood, communicated, and evaluated your problems, you, your family, and your therapist can find solutions together. All problems have solutions. Happy families make happy societies.
Take the First Step Today
By taking the first step and scheduling a session Get on the road to recovery. You will experience greater blessings and rewards than you could have possibly imagined. 
If we may be of assistance to you or your loved ones, or perhaps you’re just needing information, please call us at 1-800-342-8168. We wish you well on your path to success! 
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