Ms. Cheryl Sloan and Ms. Marie Williamson with the Georgia Chapter Quilts for Kids recently donated beautifully handmade patchwork quilts for Unison Behavioral Health children in need. The handmade quilts were given to Unison Behavioral Health’s Garden Gate Residential Program, which is a long-term Women’s Substance Abuse Program where moms can bring their children into care with them. Pregnant moms can use these handmade quilts for their little ones once they arrive as well as moms with smaller children who can benefit from a quilt to sleep with or take a nap on.

The Georgia Chapter Quilts for Kids (QFK) comes from the National Organization of Quilts for Kids, Inc. It was founded by Linda Arye in 2000 when she saw that large amounts of design fabric samples were being thrown into landfills and she felt sure that they could be put to good use for quilts for children in need. The local chapter meets monthly in Waycross at the First Methodist Church to make quilts for kids.

The quilts go to hospitals, hospice, shelters, treatment centers and anywhere there is a need. The local chapter donates over 500 quilts a year to needy children. Their goal is simple: to provide comfort to children in need through the gift of a handmade patchwork quilt.

A big thank you to the women of the Georgia Chapter Quilts for Kids for donating such a thoughtful gift which is very much needed and appreciated.

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