Success Through Recovery

Success Through Recovery

Success Through Recovery

“I am thankful for the Crossroads Program. I was making bad decisions and while in the Crossroads program, I learned that no guy is worth my future and that only I can determine my future. Mr. Jermell and Mrs. Renae showed me how strong of a girl I really am.”

Taylor, Ware County Student

Making poor grades at school and having problems at home and in the community, Shileigh agreed to participate in individual and family services. Today she’s a successful A Honor roll student with a bright future. “Unison gave me a lot of confidence in myself. They gave me hope. It was a life changer for me.”

Shileigh, age 16, Clinch Child and Family Services, Homerville

“Back in the 60s and 70s mental health treatment wasn’t available; people thought you should just deal with it. The Unison staff have been with me through all the challenges I’ve had. I know that I can make it; I will make it and be a stronger person for it. I’ve learned I’m not alone in my depression and I hope to help others and be there as staff have been there for me.”

Catherine, Unison Mental Health Services, Brantley County, Nahunta

I grew up without a mom and dad, never finished school and was sent to boys homes. As an adult, I became addicted and my negative behavior led to jail and legal issues. Unison’s Peer Support program has made a strong impact in my life. I’ve been in recovery since 1995. A lot of people know how to talk about recovery but don’t know how to live it. I know how to live it. Look at me now!”

David, Unison Peer Support Services Ware County, Waycross

When I was young it was difficult living with my mother and not understanding what if anything was wrong with her. Today, I understand my mom was sick from her mental illness and unresolved abuse, as well as losing her mother when she was 10. Back then, I just felt she didn’t love me. I became pregnant at 18 and it caused a separation between me and my parents. I dropped out of college and got married because I felt I had to, but I didn’t want to be married and didn’t know how to be a mother. I had problems with my son’s birth requiring an emergency c-section and that was my first introduction to opiates.

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Unison Behavioral Health is a leading provider of mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability services in southeast Georgia, serving residents in Atkinson, Bacon, Brantley, Charlton, Clinch, Coffee, Pierce, and Ware Counties. Unison Behavioral Health is not affiliated with the Unison Behavioral Health Group of Ohio.

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