Success Through Recovery

Joy’s Recovery Through Boundaries

“Garden Gate has taught me that its OK to say no and set healthy boundaries”


Tashyla’s Recovery Through Art

“Garden Gate gave me time to stand still, time to focus, and coping skills to fight my inner battles”


Wendy’s Story of Success Through Services

“Unison Behavioral Services saved my life! Well, that’s not exactly true. GOD gave me this wonderful staff who tirelessly aided me in my re-entry into society after going to prison for two years.”


Kiauna’s Youth Behavioral Health Experiance

“I see a big difference in my grand-daughter since she has been in services at Unison. She is more humble at home and is doing better in school. I am very pleased and all of the staff at Ware Child and Adolescent Program are so helpful. Services have been a lifesaver for us.”

Grandmother for Kiauna, Ware Child and Adolescent Services

Chris’s Story of Family Counseling

“Our two counselors have had a big influence in my life, the family’s life, and in Kayden’s life. Since working with Unison, Kayden is more affectionate with his siblings and listens to his caregivers. We have seen that Kayden can be a loving child because he has learned to express emotions in healthier ways rather than through anger.”

Chris and his son Kayden, Ware Child and Family Services, Waycross

Taylor’s Story of Couseling

“I am thankful for the Crossroads Program. I was making bad decisions and while in the Crossroads program, I learned that no guy is worth my future and that only I can determine my future. Mr. Jermell and Mrs. Renae showed me how strong of a girl I really am.”

Taylor, Ware County Student