Developmental Disability Programs

Developmental disability services helping persons live to the fullest extent of their lives.
Locations and contact information:

These services are designed to assist individuals acquire, retain or improve self-help, socialization and adaptive skills required for active community participation and independent functioning outside their home. Services are provided during the day, evening or the weekend. It can also be delivered individually or in a group.

For locations and contact information, please click the "Service Locations" button above.

Supported Employment Services provides ongoing support that enables individuals to perform, and earn income, in a variety of regular work settings.

Supported Employment services are available to persons with developmental disabilities throughout Unison’s 8-county service area. For information on how to obtain supported employment services, please contact:

Unison Behavioral Health
Supported Employment Services in Ware, Brantley, Charlton and Pierce Counties:
Ware County Community Supports
3201 Harris Road
Waycross, GA 31503
(912) 449-7851

For Coffee, Clinch, Bacon and Atkinson Counties:
Coffee Community Supports
920 W. College Park Drive
Douglas, GA 31533
(912) 389-4025

Community Residential Alternative (CRA) services are available for persons with developmental disabilities who require 24/7 intensive levels of support. Within Unison’s 8-county service area, persons receiving CRA services may reside in a licensed and supervised community host home/life sharing arrangements. Qualified participants may also receive CRA services within Unison group home facilities in the following locations:

Coffee County:
Northwood Group Home
211 North Street
Douglas, GA 31533
(912) 292-0762

Peachtree Group Home
620 North Wheeler Avenue
Douglas, Georgia 31533
(912) 292-1142

Bacon County:
Cypress Hill Group Home
123 Quart Douglas Road
Alma, GA 31510
(912) 632-4150

Pierce County:
Camellia House Group Home
311 Grady Street
Blackshear, GA 31516
(912) 807-8042

Kerrigan's Way Group Home
723 Porter St.
Blackshear, GA 31516
(912) 807-7255

Oakwood Group Home
740 Porter Street
Blackshear, GA 31516
(912) 449-8550

For information on Community Residential Alternative Service, please contact

Unison Behavioral Health
Community Residential Alternative Services
1007 Mary Street
Waycross, GA 31501
(912) 449-7105

Independent Living support services help a person with developmental disabilities live successfully at home. Services can help with bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, shopping, banking, exercising, decision making, supervision of the person taking their medication, and many other activities of daily living.

For locations and contact information, please click the "Service Locations" button above.

Unison’s Family Support Program provides qualified individuals and families with goods and services to sustain and enhance the quality of family/home life so that the eligible person with developmental disabilities can remain within a nurturing family in his/her home. For example, goods and services which may be provided with Family Support funds include:

  • Dental services
  • Specialized Clothing
  • Medical Care
  • Medical Equipment
  • Home modifications
  • Recreation/Social Community Integration Activities
  • Family Support/Respite

For information about goods and services provided to qualified Family Support participants, contact:

Unison Behavioral Health
Family Support Services
1835 W 12th St.
Alma, GA 31510
(912) 632-5905 x6501