Charlene Carter began her employment with Unison is 2002 with the Community Support Team (CST) assisting clients with mental health needs to develop recovery and resiliency-oriented skills.  During her employment with Unison, she also worked at Garden Gate (Women’s Residential Substance Abuse Program) supporting women and their children.  Charlene transitioned to the Ware Day Services program in 2004 where she has continued to work to support clients in learning about their mental illness and develop coping skills for symptom management while encouraging them to work toward personal goals for growth and recovery.  Unison staff and clients honored Charlene by expressing gratitude for her calming presence, kind demeanor, and the support and dedication she has provided to clients and the Unison team.   


Laura Fullard-HR Director

Viva Steed-Clinical Director

Charlene Carter

Lesley White-Ware Day Program Manager

Tiffany Henderson- CEO

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