I was raised in a warm loving Christian home, but somehow turned to drugs at an early age, all of which led to numerous trips to rehabs and jail. I cared about nothing but how to get my next drug. After battling with this roller coaster addiction, I wanted to get clean and sober but knew I needed something outside of myself to keep me that way. I entered into the Drug Court and once I entered the program, I knew without a doubt this program would save my life.

While in Drug Court, I obtained a job and after 6 months was promoted to a Team Trainer. Having this job made me want to do more with my life. I wanted to have responsibilities like normal people; I wanted to have my own apartment and learn to live independently. I was thankful for my mother and father but through my addiction I lost their trust and ended up homeless. So, I spoke with my counselor at Drug Court and because I was doing so well, she referred me to the Supportive Living program.

Supportive Living has allowed me to gain responsibility and independence. Now, I have my very own place to call home; my home. I’ve worked hard and filled my home with beautiful things that are mine.

Now that I’m on the right track, I decided to enroll in college majoring in substance abuse counseling. Today, I am clean and sober over two years working on three. I am doing my internship through Unison at the Garden Gate Residential rehabilitation for women and children. I want to give back to the community and help other alcoholics and addicts achieve sobriety the way so many people and organizations have helped me.

In addition, God has blessed me to reunite with my husband of seven years who I lost in the past due to my drug addiction. While making all these accomplishments, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I suffered a very painful miscarriage. However, through all of this stress, I stayed focused, received support from my Unison family and didn’t convert back to my old habits of doing drugs. I stood by my mother’s side just like she stood by my side. Through prayer and faith in God my mother was healed and she is now cancer free.

I have faced some obstacles in and out of my recovery, but I have learned the necessary coping skills from Unison Behavioral Health and from experience, that if I just do the right thing everything else will work out beautifully. I know material things aren’t everything, but they sure do help. From living a sober life, I now have a vehicle, a job, my own place, a bank account and three months away from having my degree along with my dream career. I will soon be reunited with my daughter Jada. I give all thanks to God and special people at Unison Behavioral Health of whom God has placed in my life. I have my life back and I believe and know that, I WIN!

Latisha Hamm Taylor

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