Most people with a mental health problem manage their disability successfully, and many make contributions to arts, science and civic life that make the world a better place. Sadly, for a few their mental illness gets them into repeated trouble with the law. The most cost effective and enlightened approach to these difficulties is for law enforcement and treatment providers such as Unison Behavioral Health to work together, each supporting the others efforts. On March 23rd Unison Chief Executive Officer Dr. Glyn Thomas, and Clinical Director Janett Carter LCSW, and other local leaders were invited to meet with representatives from the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities in Savannah to celebrate the successes of their many working partnerships to help individuals troubled with mental illness and addictive diseases. Waycross City Police Chief Tony Tanner and Pierce County Sheriff Ramsey Bennett (each pictured on the right) were recognized as Community Champions for their dedication to this effort by Dr. Thomas (center) and DBHDD Regional Service Administrator Jose Lopez (left).

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